A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This is Danceball, a game where you move a triangle by pressing buttons on the beat and firing a bouncing color ball that destroys dancing robots and breaks colored bricks, absorbing that color to be used to unlock dashed-line barriers of the same color so that you can get to the star and survive the song! Use a USB game pad, dance pad, or PC keyboard to control the game. Zoom along on speed tracks to escape sticky situations, dodge beat-moving bullets, burn calories (with USB dance pad), and have fun! 

Danceball is a work in progress and many things are not implemented yet. Your feedback is welcome. In the near future I will be working with a music licensing company to get lots more music into the game! I'm also working on a versus mode, more single-player modes, and a Mac OSX version. Danceball is written in the Common Lisp programming language.


Use arrows to move and the SHIFT key to fire. Or use the menu to set up USB gamepad/dancepad. Press Control-D to change difficulty level.  For shields, press together up+down or left+right. Press ESCAPE to quit the current song and return to the menu. 

There are five demo songs, press Control-R to randomly choose colors and a song. More songs coming soon.

WHEN ARROWS SWEEP ACROSS THE SCREEN you must HOLD the indicated arrow while it passes over your triangle!

The little black and white sparkly asterisk that hovers around your character, indicates the direction of the star. 

For gamepads that can't register up/down or left/right simultaneously like a dance pad can, assign the left and right bumpers in the main menu.

Compatible dance pads have 6 or more buttons (up, down, left, right, and the front corners.) Some gamepads have a software "D-pad" mode that may make the game more playable. Try consulting your manufacturer's gamepad instruction manual.

Please email deeteeoh1138@gmail.com with questions/bugs/issues/ideas!

Or say hi to me as "dto" on Libera.chat#lispgames IRC. 

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Unzip the .ZIP file and double-click DANCEBALL-GAME.EXE. You can't run the executable from inside the ZIP; you have to extract the entire ZIP first.

LINUX: You must have SDL 1.2 and its MIXER, IMAGE, and TTF companion libraries installed. The binary is called DANCEBALL.BIN



danceball-0.6.zip 92 MB
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